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Blue Harbour Red 

Sail away with us on a voyage of revelation and discovery. Inspired by the timeless sail boats and shimmering waters of The Blue Harbour, we are so proud of our Blue Harbour Red Baijiu, the first luxury baijiu from Australia.  

We create it with uncompromising quality, outstanding natural ingredients and our signature innovative design.  

Our BH Red baijiu is crafted in the traditional way, using a copper still. To this we add home-grown Australian wheat, sorghum, rice & barley, filtered multiple times, diluted with fresh Australian spring water and lovingly hand bottled, resulting in the cleanest, softest spirit.  

BH Red is an ultra-soft sipping baijiu. Our recommendation? To drink it neat, or on the rocks.  

Perfection, on any occasion. 

53% Alc. by Vol. - 106 Proof.